Spiritual Life Studies

Are you looking for inner peace and sacred space to be present with Christ? We are delighted to offer several spiritual life studies authored by Lisa's husband, Rev. Calvin Wulf. These downloads, in PDF format, feature some of the ancient spiritual disciplines practiced by Jesus and the early Christians.

Each study is appropriate either for your own individual use or for your small group. They offer timeless guidance and wisdom for spiritual growth. Check them out - you're bound to find something you've been seeking!

(Visit www.livingforgod.net for more info on Rev. Calvin.)

Contemplation - Beholding God

Christian contemplation is being quiet and still in the presence of God – to know and to be known. Experience the awe and mystery of God in stillness and silence. Read more...

Meditation on Scripture -
A God Encounter

Go deeper spiritually as you experience the Bible in a new way. Christian Meditation on Scripture renews your heart and mind with divine wisdom. Read more...

Simplicity - To Be Free

Are you rushing here and there without a minute of peace? Do you wonder why you don't have any time or energy to enjoy your life? Maybe you need simplicity! Read more...

Fasting - Hunger for God

Is fasting on your to-do list? Maybe it seems just a little too much like dieting. But there are fasting options that might be just right for you. Read more...





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