Sacred Lives

Do you hear the voices of the earliest believers calling you? Though centuries separate us from these courageous and inspiring individuals, their sacred lives have much to teach about Christian spiritual growth, even today.

These rich stories of spiritual living include amazing people like Paula, the first woman Bible translator and scholar. You can also learn the real truth about Saint Patrick and read of the thrilling bravery of Polycarp, who studied under John, the disciple of Jesus.

These true stories were originally presented as live personal reflections in costume! Each one will draw you into the experiences, challenges and triumphs of a life worth living.

Anthony of the Desert

Have you heard of the desert fathers and mothers? They left the world behind to pursue Christ. Anthony's story is one of the most compelling. Read more...

Benedict and Scholastica -
A Brother and Sister Team

You may know the story of Benedict, the founder of monasticism. But do you know his sister, Scholastica? Theirs is a fascinating story. Read more...

Gregory the Great

Sometimes the church has to step in when the government can't. This is what happened to Gregory during the fall of the Roman.Empire. Read more...

Patrick of Ireland

You've probably heard of St. Patrick. But do you really know his story? It's a lot more than green beer! Actually, he's a pretty incredible guy. Read more...

Paula - Handmaiden of the Lord

We don't have many stories of early Christian women. Paula's story will captivate you. She gave up riches and a life of ease to follow Christ and serve the poor. Read more...

Polycarp - Disciple of John

Are you actually brave enough to die for your faith? Not many of us are. But the true story of Polycarp is filled with spiritual courage in the face of great adversity. Read more...


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