Retreats for Your Soul

Christian spirituality doesn't just happen by magic. No, real growth and spiritual formation are nurtured over time by devotional habits. Our "Retreats for Your Soul" offer ancient Christian practices that help you grow spiritually and find inner peace.

Lisa and her husband, Calvin, personally present these interactive retreats at the invitation of churches and other Christian groups. They are based on biblical devotional practices that renew the soul. These presentations challenge seekers and saints alike.

Why not take a look and consider inviting us to lead your church or group into a deeper relationship with Christ? We simply ask a love offering and travel expenses.

Doing the Disciplines with
Jesus and His Friends

Looking for a deeper spiritual life? Learn 15 ancient spiritual disciplines that will help you grow closer to God and develop real Christian community with others. Read more...

Living for God in a
World That Doesn't

Is being a Christian in today's world is getting more difficult by the minute? There are so many spiritual dilemmas. It's just tough to live for God in a world that doesn't. Read more...

Reflective Retreats

Is your soul longing for a deeper relationship with Christ? Do you seek to know and be known on a deeper level? Learn the secrets to a closer union with God. Read more...

Seasonal Retreats

The days and weeks before Easter are special times. They offer a chance to really look inside ourselves to find the areas that keep us from fully experiencing God. Read more...



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