Inspiration for Today

Is something missing from your Christian lifestyle? Perhaps your world seems humdrum or maybe it spins way too fast. Either way it's sometimes hard to find your center. Sounds like you need some inspiration for today!

These devotions question the Christian status quo. They call out cultural patterns that shift us away from Christ. Some of them can hit really close to home.

Let yourself be challenged by these short articles which are drawn from everyday life. You'll find practical tips to help you refocus. You might even see yourself setting new priorities and rediscovering Jesus at the center of your soul.

Calendar Clutter

We're drowning in commitments. Keeping up with family, church, and work is a struggle. Add in friends and community activities and we start to submerge. Read more...

Emptiness Cover-Up

When the day is over, what do we have? A string of activities leaves us empty and sad? We're haunted by the feeling that we're frittering away our time. Read more...

Image Busters

Image - it costs us tons of time, money and anxiety to look good. Putting on a false front often seems safer than risking judgment. Read more...

Micro-Managing God

Our heads are spinning through flurries of details. We're overwhelmed and out of control. But we have to guarantee the outcome - don't we? Read more...

More Than a Mom

We've given our lives to raising our kids. Then suddenly they're gone and there's a real hole in our lives. Do we still have a purpose? Read more...

One Last Thing

We're always looking for the next place over the rainbow. Perhaps it's a bigger house or a job promotion. In the meantime, we're swimming in a sea of discontent. Read more...

Possession Obsession

We're plagued with possession overload. We buy things we can't live without, only to find them later buried somewhere still in their original wrappers. Read more...

Top Ten Must Haves

Appearance is everything. Who dares leave home without the latest accessory? After all, we don't want the fashion police posting our picture on the Internet. Read more...

When Fears Rush In

Fear envelopes us like a dark cloud. There's no security in sight and nothing we can do about it. Everyone's on edge as we spin out of control. Read more...

Why Has Got Forgotten Me?

Ever feel separated from God? It's like wandering in the desert. Our lips are parched. Thoughts scatter like sand in a storm. We sink deeper and deeper into a bottomless pit. Read more...

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