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One Woman Sanctuary is a sacred and sheltered space as you follow the spiritual path of Jesus. Here you will find a place of hope, a sense of calm, and an anchor of safety as you journey with Christ and consider the deep questions of our faith.

Much of my past work has been done with my husband, Rev. Calvin Wulf, through our joint ministry, Living for God. In the One Woman Sanctuary, I am stepping forward to share my own voice in what I hope is a uniquely creative and transparent way.

Lisa Aré Wulf

Lisa Are Wulf Christian AuthorMy journey has been a long road that ultimately led me home to Christ. Along the way there were cool careers and personal struggles. In the end, though, my major journey has been a spiritual one. Read more...

Faith Statement

The very earliest Christians were the closest to Christ. As the faith grew, a statement was written - the Apostle's Creed. It is one of my favorites. Read more...


Our monthly column, published under the name Living for God, began syndication in 2000. Here are a few of the publications where our work has appeared. Read more...










Lisa Are Wulf

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